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Dog rescued by Bourne fireman after pooch falls through ice on local pond

It took Lt. Dana Dupuis six minutes to rescue Ruby, the dog from the icy waters of Queen Sewell Pond.
Bourne Fire Department

Lt. Dana Dupuis, of the Bourne Fire Department in the Buzzards Bay area of Massachusetts, was able to pluck a dog out of the freezing water in the Queen Sewell Pond on Wednesday after the pooch fell through the ice while on a walk with her human companion reported

Ruby, the shepherd, accidentally stepped onto one of the soft spots on the iced over pond and fell in.

Donning his cold water exposure suit, Lt. Dupuis, tethered to a rope at the shoreline, carefully crawled out toward the area where Ruby was treading water. Grabbing the dog under her paws, the fireman was able to safely wrap a rope around the scared and cold pooch, and slowly able to make their way back to the safety of the shore.

It only took six minutes to rescue Ruby; it is estimated she had already been out in the pond for a half-hour.

Ruby is reported to be doing fine.

Please be sure to thank Lt. Dupuis for his fine work and compassion.

Winter is only a few weeks old, and pet owners are urged to keep pets off of frozen ponds, lakes, and canals. Too many owners and their pets have been injured or killed as a result of falling through the ice. Plunging temperatures can quickly cause hypothermia for both humans and their four-legged companions.

Please keep dogs on a leash when walking them in bad weather, and if the unthinkable happens if a pet should fall through the ice, do not try to rescue a pet on your own. Call 911, and let the professionals handle the situation.

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