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Documentary about Boston and the Beatles to be world premiered Saturday

A ticket to the Aug. 18, 1966 Beatles concert at Boston's Suffolk Downs racedtrack.
A ticket to the Aug. 18, 1966 Beatles concert at Boston's Suffolk Downs racedtrack.
Courtesy Eric Green

A new documentary about the Beatles and their concerts in Boston will get its first public showing this weekend, filmmaker Eric Green of Cruising in the Van Productions told Beatles Examiner Jan. 24.“My short documentary 'The Beatles Boston' is having its premiere screening this weekend this Saturday Jan. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at The Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester, Mass. The theater is having a Beatles event and 'The Beatles Boston' will be screening as part of the event including live music and films.”

A ticket to the Beatles show at Suffolk Downs race track.

For the 10-minute film, he interviewed Chachi Loprete of (the Boston edition of) "Breakfast With the Beatles," Andrew Arsenault, who saw both shows in 1964 and 1966, and Tim Riley, NPR critic and Beatles author.

“I have gone on Beatles tours in Liverpool, Hamburg, London and New York City because it was important for me to see the sites that were important to their history and their music,” Green says. “After moving back to my hometown of Boston last year, I thought it would be interesting if someone did a Beatles tour of Boston. I know, I know: The band is not from Boston, so there wouldn’t be as much as Liverpool and Hamburg tours. But the group played not one but two shows in Boston: Boston Garden in 1964 and Suffolk Downs Racetrack in 1966.

"Beyond just doing a tour of Beatles locations in Boston, I thought such an idea could lend itself to a short documentary. In addition to the concerts they did, one could explore all of the connections the group had to Boston: their fan base, the radio stations that embraced them, the individual Beatles’ connections to the city, and their influence.

“As a lifelong Beatles fan who grew up in Boston, and currently lives here today, it has been a real passion project to showcase the group’s history with this city.”

There will be live music by the Beatles tribute group Studio 2 and a screening of the documentary “The First U.S. Visit” as part of the event, according to the theater website. Advance tickets are available through the theater's website. Green says other screenings of the film are being arranged and will be announced soon.

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