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Doctors fight back against new role as gun control arbiters

Does the government intend to place gun owners into the endless abyss of psychiatric hospitals?
Does the government intend to place gun owners into the endless abyss of psychiatric hospitals?
Photo by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images

Within the new Obamacare law is a provision that critics say places their doctors, nurses, and hospitals in the role of arbiters in the push for more gun control. A previous Examiner report exposed that fact.

But many doctors are fighting back. They don't want to be gun control arbiters. They do not see such a thing as being part of their role as medical care providers. And even if they were forced into such a role, they see themselves as ill-equipped to make such decisions.

The doctors in particular cite statistics that do not match the government rhetoric concerning guns. Most "mentally ill" patients, for example, are harmless according to medical statistics gathered over a period of decades.

Herschel Smith of The Captain's Journal quotes Dr. J. Michael Bostwick of the Mayo Clinic:

“We physicians generally do not know enough about firearms to have an informed conversation with our patients, let alone counsel them about gun safety.

-- Even if every mentally ill person in the country were registered, the system isn’t prepared to handle them — and only about half of the states require registration.
-- Only about 10 percent of mentally ill people are registered — and these are people who have been committed, they’ve come to attention in a way that requires court intervention.
-- Literature says the vast majority of people who do these kinds of shootings are not mentally ill — or it is recognized after the fact.
-- The majority of mentally ill people aren’t dangerous."

If the vast majority of the mentally ill do not commit acts of violence with guns, and if most of the killers who commit horrific violent acts with firearms are not mentally ill at all, then why is the government targeted this sub-group for disarmament?

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, have both supported and are currently pushing for a bill in the Senate that will strengthen the federal NICS gun owner database and make it easier to place the mentally ill on the lifetime gun ban list.

The futility of such a law is emphasized by Dr. Richard Friedman who stated,

"...there is overwhelming epidemiological evidence that the vast majority of people with psychiatric disorders do not commit violent acts. Only about 4 percent of violence in the United States can be attributed to people with mental illness.”

And Dr. Barry Rosenfeld took a swipe at the new stringent gun control laws in New York by saying, ”We’re not likely to catch very many potentially violent people with laws like the one in New York.”

The expansion of the mental health dragnet, thus, is due to one overriding motive. The government wants to get as many Americans as possible under psychiatric care with a mental health diagnosis so it can then justify taking away their guns.

The possibility for widespread abuse is astounding. The history of the 20th century, for example, is replete with examples of totalitarian governments that declared entire groups of persons to be mentally ill for various reasons, such as to conduct horrific medical experiments, robbing them of their rights, taking away their guns, and incarcerating them permanently.

These activities are well known and documented in places such as Communist Russia, Communist China, Communist Cuba, and Nazi Germany.

(Hat tip to WRSA).


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