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Do Calgary Anti-Israel Protest Organizers Know Who the Thugs Are?

Commenters on Facebook page for Calgary anti-Israel protest suggests organizers know who they are.
Commenters on Facebook page for Calgary anti-Israel protest suggests organizers know who they are.
National Post, Global News, Facebook

Even with another (this time peaceful) protest under their belt, more is starting to come out about Calgary's anti-Israel movement, including its leader, Saima Jamal.

Jamal is an employee of the University of Calgary. She's the program director for Peace Studies. Which is rather ironic, considering how quickly her anti-Israel protest turned to violence as soon as some pro-Israel protesters turned up.

Since then, Jamal has offered an apology for the incident. But her group does not seem to have made any effort to help bring the perpetrators of the violence to justice.

Which is strange. Because according to the following interaction on the event page for this past Friday's anti-Israel protest (now featuring anti-racism) it turns out that Jamal herself may know who the perpetrators are:

Afg Pari: "Lol, it does break ur fast, but who cares wat they say, let them bark. this rally was awesome! Started off bad but ended well. Next time we should try to calm our boys a little cuz this was supposed to be peaceful, even though it was the Israelis who started it. Good job, proud of who ever arranged all this.

Don't understand why that girl was crying on the news, no one was targeting her, then what was her problem? it true that the guy from our side (with the hat and black t-shirt) was an Israeli pretending to be a Palestinian and had planned to start this fight?"

Yasser Safa Katib: "Afg, where'd you hear that from? It'd be pretty sick of them to do so."

Afg Pari: "Yasser I heard that a few ppl had claimed that on Facebook that they knew him, I'm not sure tho, lets hope its not true or one of their BS to make our own ppl not trust each other."

Yasser Safa Katib: "That's pretty messed up. but I think Saima found him on Facebook and private messaged him."

If this is true, then Saima Jamal (the program director for Peace Studies at the University of Calgary) has a very real obligation to bring this man -- or two men, as this description actually fits that of two men involved in the violence -- to justice.

And if she does know who these thugs are and hasn't identified them to police, it's one of several reasons to doubt the sincerity of Jamal's vaunted apology.

(More on that after Saima Jamal has the opportunity to respond to questions posed to her.)

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