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Dive with Swatch at Sunset House

It is a great year to be a diver. There is so much going on in the world of scuba. Taking one deep stride into the blue ocean can stir up emotions that can be magical.

"Swatch What's Happening at Sunset House Special" is the perfect getaway package for divers with lots of perks and best of all, a wonderful time in the Caribbean's paradise, Cayman Islands.
Adela Gonzales White, Cayman Bottom Times

One of the most renowned dive spots in the world is the Cayman Islands. Serene and crystal clear seas invite you for some unforgettable diving. One of the most popular dive resorts on the island and in the entire Caribbean is Sunset House, a resort established for divers and by divers with 50+ years of expertise in the resort dive business.

For a limited time, Swatch, the leader in affordable Swiss timepieces, is teaming up with Sunset House for a "Swatch What's Happening at Sunset House Special!" The perks of the dive package include a free dive watch, a free day of diving and a free tropical drink. The promotional package runs from July 26 through October 31, 2014. Take in 5 or 7 days of luscious diving and receive your watch upon check-in. Sunset House will be partnering with Dan Orr Consulting and Kirk Freeport, the official Swatch distributor in the Cayman Islands.

“It’s perfect for our clientele – it fits our line of customers,” says Sunset House General Manager Keith Sahm. “There are a lot of people who say ‘I’ve loved Swatch since I was a kid.”

“The Scuba Libre model has been extremely popular since its launch last year,” says Scott Harrington of Kirk Freeport, which carries the largest selection of duty free watch brands in the Caribbean. “Two of things Grand Cayman is famous for are diving and buying watches, so it is great when we can tie the two together to broaden both our audiences. We are very excited about the promotion!”

These dive watches are some of the most durable that you can find with many advantages. Besides an affordable price tag, they look great on the wrist, are lightweight and comfortable and are approved for diving to 200 meters. They also feature a traditional rotating bezel.

Roll out of bed, put on your bathing suit and head down to the dock for your free two-tank morning dive trip. You are sure to encounter some outstanding marine life. After a full day of satisfying diving and as the sun sets in the sky above, slip into a sundress and a pair of shorts and sip on your free scuba libre drink at Sunset House's famous 'My Bar', one of the Caribbean's favorite beach bars.

Wear your watch as you visit Sunset House again and again to take advantage of its spectacular diving with its own coral reef, shallow shipwrecks and a unique 9' bronze sculpture of the Mermaid Amphitrite. Swatch and Sunset House hope that not only will this affordable and desirable package attract divers but hopefully draw international visitors to its beaches and gorgeous scenery.

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