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Ditch the diets with 'Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet': Q&A with Jennipher Walters

'The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet' offers tips and tricks to 'drop the diet drama.'
Harmony Books

With Tuesday’s release of “The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet” book (Harmony Books, $17), we talked with Jennipher Walters, the CEO and co-founder of, the healthy-living website that spawned the new book. Walters, a certified personal trainer, health coach, group exercise instructor and health journalist, wrote the book with her fellow Fit Bottomed Girl co-founder Erin Whitehead. Although less than 24 hours old, the book is already climbing the Amazon ranks.

We asked Walters about the book and about how to live like a Fit Bottomed Girl.

Q. With so many diet books on the bestseller list, why did you name the book “The Anti-Diet”?

A. We pretty much believe that diet is a four-letter word. To most people, diet means deprivation and is focused on what you CAN'T have. We wanted to have a book that reached people in that genre (those looking to get healthy and lose weight), but we wanted to do it in a way that was true to us and our mission by showing people how they could live in a way that was healthy and let them focus on things they liked. The Anti-Diet seemed to be the perfect way to do that.

Q. How did you become a “Fit Bottomed Girl”?

A. After spending my teens and 20s totally obsessed with calorie-counting and the number on the scale, it wasn't until 2007 that I finally ditched dieting and overexercising and committed to being more mindful and loving myself unconditionally. Through the help of a registered dietitian who taught me about intuitive eating, it was in 2008 when the concept of "Fit Bottomed Girls" came about. My really good friend Erin and I wanted to get the word out that a healthy lifestyle didn't have to be about torture and that we were all so much more than just a number or size, so we decided to start a blog. After lots of brainstorming, FBG was born in May 2008! Been one ever since!

Q. What do you think trips people up when they’re trying to lose weight?

A. It really depends on the person, but a lot of the time it comes down to self-talk and realistic expectations. Huge change is more difficult, but if you do it bit by bit, it's totally doable. It may take longer than the latest infomercial promises, but it sure does last a lot longer. Also, a lot of us get stuck in our own mind ruts. We think losing weight is hard and tell ourselves over and over again that we don't have time/can't do it/etc. But if you begin to change that thinking and say to yourself that you can lose weight, that you are making time and that you can do it, well, it's amazing how much more energy you'll have to actually make those healthier decisions. You really do have to be your very own best friend.

Q. How does getting out of your comfort zone help?

A. When we get too comfortable, we don't grow. And being a FBG and living the Anti-Diet life is really about being the best you and having a great time. Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone is fantastic way to shake things up. Whether it's making a new recipe, taking a new group exercise class or even asking for a raise at work, we've found that there's strength in trying. Even if the new recipe is a total food fail, you dislike the group ex class or you don't get the raise, you still feel proud of yourself that you tried something new. And, hey, you never know. You might just find your new favorite recipe, new favorite workout or get that darn raise!

Q. What’s your all-time favorite Fit Bottomed Girl tip?

A. Hardest question ever, Gail! But, I'd go with be mindful. Pay attention to all the signals your body is sending (Are you really hungry? Do you need a nap? What workout sounds best?) and pay attention to the way you're talking to yourself. If you can move your mindset to the more positive and pay attention to your body's cues like hunger, a lot of the rest kind of works itself out.

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