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Disturbing: Ray Burton sending emails for Mike Cryans from the grave

Burton sending emails for Cryans from the grave
Burton sending emails for Cryans from the grave
Kimberly Morin

Ray Burton was the former Executive Council member in District 1 as well as the Grafton County Commissioner who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. His seat is now open and an election is currently under way between Republican Joe Kenney and Democrat Mike Cryans. In what many find extremely disturbing, emails are being sent backing Mike Cryans from Ray Burton’s email account. Another was sent today. How exactly is that possible? Why would someone use Burton’s email and contacts to push Cryans or any candidate? Why would anyone believe that is acceptable?

Apparently this isn’t the only email that has been sent and hundreds of people are getting them. Some people have been upset by this because they miss Ray and find this to be in poor taste. Burton cannot speak from the grave and no one should be sending emails in his name to anyone, let alone supporting a candidate that no one knows for sure Burton actually supported given the choices. Cryans should do himself a favor and ask that the emails cease. It would be interesting to know what other information Democrats have gained from whoever it is sending these emails. Burton most likely had different contacts than Cryans would as he was a Republican. Clearly the person is either being manipulated by Democrats or just doesn’t see how wrong it is to send emails from someone who was very much loved but is no longer here.

NOTE: In 1996 Cryans ran against Burton and lost. Clearly Cryans is no Burton and that's made more obvious by these emails being sent in extremely poor taste.