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Disneyland fire update: Disneyland clarifies location of the fire (video)

Disneyland is releasing more information about the fire that caused a stir in social media, the Orange County Register reported in a story updated Tuesday.

Disneyland fire update:  Disneyland clarrifies location of the fire
Disneyland fire update: Disneyland clarrifies location of the fire
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The fire was captured on video, on the left. You can see the thick dark smoke that caused all the concern. reports the fire could be seen for miles.

The fire behind a loading dock in Disneyland in Anaheim broke out on Sunday a little before 5 p.m., Disneyland officials said. The fire put out a dark ominous plume of smoke over the Disney park. Twitter lit up with photos from concerned park-goers. Many were speculating about what was on fire. Many Disneyland fans were worried that one of their favorite attractions was on fire.

But fear not, the fire damage was minimal.

The Anaheim Fire Department was first dispatched to the official address of Disneyland, 1020 West Ball Road, at 4:45 p.m. when witnesses reported seeing a fire that appeared to be coming from the Disney parking lot. The lot and adjacent garage services both Disneyland and the adjoining California Adventure park.

Anaheim Fire was not needed. Disneyland’s own internal fire department was able to quickly put out the small fire.

Location of fire clarified

A spokeswoman for Disneyland said the fire came from a loading dock and was not in part of the part accessible to the public. The loading dock is north of the attractions in the park. The fire lasted about 20 minutes. But so far, Disney is not saying what burned and they are not giving a dollar damage estimate.

But CBS Los Angeles and NBC Los Angeles are reporting the Disney fire as a "trash fire." NBC is citing the Anaheim Fire Department as labeling the fire as a "trash fire."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Fortunately, no one was injured. The fire looked worse than it was. The Disneyland spokeswoman said it was under control a short time after it started.

The Register notes that the fire lit up social media, especially Twitter.

“We were about to get on the tram and my friend saw smoke starting up,” Hermosa Beach resident Jason Gordon told the paper. “It seemed like it was behind the scenes.”

Park-goers said that the fire did not disrupt their experience. They noted that people were still being allowed into the park during the fire.

"I was actually worried. It’s my first time being down here in California going to Disneyland. I was like ‘Oh God, don’t tell me it’s on fire,’” Sabrina Cole told CBS Los Angeles. .

At first, Disneyland authorities said that they thought the fire started in a trailer behind the part, but later said it happened in the loading dock.

Did you witness the Disney fire? Please leave your recollections in the comments section below.

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