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Disney Collector BR: Mystery voice ‘hypnotizing’ kids with YouTube toy reviews

No one has any idea what YouTube’s newest star looks like, all that is seen of her is her hands. The “Disney Collector” is a one woman toy reviewer that somehow mesmerizes the kids with her voice. “Fox and Friends” on Monday August 4 reports that this woman seems to “hypnotize kids” all over the nation.

Disney Collector BR: No one knows who she is, but her Disney Collector BR channel has gotten more than 2.4 billion views on her toy review videos.
YouTube screen shot

The DisneyCollector BR is faceless and a giant among kids on YouTube. Three-year- old kids will sit and watch her until their parents turn the show off. The DisneyCollector BR Channel is the third-most viewed world-wide, coming in behind Katy Perry.

The woman behind the voice is elusive and no one seems to be able to get to the origin of these Disney Toy Collector videos. According to BuzzFeed FWD, toddlers watch these toy reviews with “near-religious fervor.”

Words describing this woman and her effect on kids range from enchanting to hypnotizing. One thing is for sure, if you put your preschooler in front of one of these Disney Collector toy review videos, they aren’t going to get up until it is over!

The videos are ripe to make mega bucks for advertising, yet there's no advertising associated with these videos. BuzzFeed reports that this elusive woman and her toy reviews are ripe for making money, but “no one has been able to tap it for profit.”

This bizarre mesmerizing venue has consistently been in the top most-viewed YouTube videos. The week of July 4, the DisneyCollector BR channel received 55 million views in the United States. This was more views than any other YouTube channel received in the nation.

With an accent, which is definitely non-American, the Disney Collector videos all start off with this woman saying “Hey guys, Disney Collector here.” This woman talks in a slow methodical voice that seldom deviates from its steady almost mechanical rhythm. She tends to end her sentences almost as if she were breaking into a song, reports MSN Today News.

What little you do see of this woman is her nails. They are usually brightly manicured in a fashion that would appeal to kids with characters like “Hello Kitty” painted on them.

After her hello, she starts off the videos by telling the kids what toy she is going to review today. She has a few habits that folks have picked up on, one is overdoing the crinkling the toy’s package, making a noise that would appeal to a kid. These videos have been watched over 2.4 billion times. Check out the Disney Collector in the video above.

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