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Disgusting: Shaheen turns away Veteran at her Veterans' event

On Monday Senator Jeanne Shaheen held an event for Veterans in Concord to discuss the VA Health System. When Matthew Murphy of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire tried to gain entry into the event, he was quickly told it was not a public event (even though the venue is indeed a public place). When he told Shaheen's minion that he was an Army Veteran, Murphy was asked if he planned on endorsing Shaheen. Apparently, in order to get into the event, Veterans had to claim they endorse Shaheen whether they wanted to or not. Interesting that Shaheen claimed 100 Veterans endorsed her.

Shaheen turns Veteran away from Veterans' Event
Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

This is the continuing cycle of Shaheen completely avoiding any constituents who may not agree with her or who want to ask her questions about her votes. Shaheen has refused to hold any town halls. She refuses to speak to any constituents who dare tell her their stories about how Obamacare has hurt them. What is truly disgusting is turning a Veteran away from an event discussing the Veteran's Administration. This is not a political issue it is an issue that is affecting Veterans regardless of their party membership. Murphy made the following statement:

To say I am disgusted with the way Senator Shaheen and her staff handled themselves today is an understatement. As a US Army veteran, I shouldn't have to 'endorse' my US Senator to hear how she is going to fix the scandal-ridden Veterans Administration. I don't deserve to be kicked out of an event where she is expected to discuss policies that benefit those who have served. Put simply, I, or any veteran for that matter, should be able engage with my US Senator on any issue. However, today she made it abundantly clear that only certain New Hampshire veterans can be awarded that privilege.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen has not hosted a single public town hall meeting in years. As evidence by her actions today, she continues to only want to listen to those who are beneficial to her own career. Granite Staters, in particular our veterans, deserve much better than that.

Shaheen should have listened to ideas and had input from all Veterans not just those she demands endorse her for re-election. What type of Senator or person does that? According to NHPR: "Retired US Air Force Colonel Gail Prince of Bedford says Shaheen has been supporting veterans’ issues in New Hampshire going back to her time as a state Senator:"

She knows who to reach out to here in the state to get New Hampshire’s position, the people’s position, on an issue.

Apparently Shaheen only knows how to reach out to some people while completely rejecting and ignoring others. Shaheen seems to forget that she represents all of the people in the Granite State, not just some of the people. Is this how low Democrats will go this election cycle? Representative Shea-Porter and Representative Kuster also refuse to hold town halls. Once again, the VA Health System issues are not politically partisan issues. Both parties want a resolution. For Shaheen to demand any Veteran support her and deny access to an event discussing this very important issue is actually beyond disgusting.

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