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Disc golf review Vibram Unlace

Vibram unLace
Vibram unLace
steve pease

Vibram company is quickly becoming one of the big players in the disc golf world. They have released their next long range distance driver, the UnLace. This driver is made specifically for the new players and the intermediate players who want a fast disc with lots of glide, that can be thrown with less snap and slower arm speed.

Vibram says:
Introducing the newest member to our distance driver family, the unLace. It is our understable compliment to the Lace. What's the best thing about the unLace? For starters, it’s great for starters. It doesn't require big arm speed to perform. Whether you're stepping up to distance drivers, or a pro looking for a finesse driver with tons of glide – the unLace is a fun, fast distance driver!

Vibram sent me an unLace a few weeks ago to check it out. The unLace is almost identical to the Lace, in all the measurements. It has the same feel as the Lace as well. The unLace is for sure more understable and can be thrown with much less speed and snap on the disc, while still flying long and true.

One of the things that really impressed me about the unLace is that it has a very long glide when thrown at lower speed and snap. In my opinion it has much the same performance as a Roadrunner with more glide and control, and is much faster. I was able to take some speed off the disc, throw it flat, and have it fly long and straight.

For more experienced players the unLace is a great turnover disc that performs very well at distance.
I could also make it hold a good turnover line with little effort. One of the most important secondary discs, after a driver, midrange and putter, that you can master is a disc that will hold a good turnover line.

There are many holes on the course that you can benefit greatly if you have a disc that you can turn to the right if you're right handed, and left if you’re a lefty and still fly long and true, the unLace does that very well.

For new players that are ready for a fast driver, this is the perfect disc. Most of the big name fast drivers that the pro’s use are just not suited for average players. If you can’t get good throws with the Innova and Discraft fast drivers that take a big arm to throw, give the unLace and try, you will like it. You can then move up to the Lace when you are ready, and you can compete with the best.

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