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Disc Golf review Vibram Trak

Vibram Trak
Steve Pease

The Vibram Trak is the second fairway driver disc made by Vibram. Vibram says “ The Trak is suitable to slower arm speeds as well as the big arms. It flies straight and true right out of the box. Be prepared to be surprised at how easy it is to get it on a long straight line.”

The Trak, as with all Vibram discs are made with a rubber based compound, as opposed to the plastic only compounds of all other disc golf discs. The Trak comes in 2 types of compound, the X link and the X link firm. Both blends are extremely tough and will withstand hitting trees and other obstacles on the course, much better than plastic only based discs. The firm is a bit more rigid, but the regular X link compound is not soft. The rubber based compounds also are grippier, it will not slip out of your hand as easily and some of the plastics, especially when wet and or cold.

Vibram says the disc is for slower arms as well as big arms. What I have found from my use is that the disc is great if you need to throw it with touch and if you don’t put a lot of snap on it. If you throw it hard and snap it, it will turn over on you from my experience, as with most stable to understable discs. This is not a surprise.

What I really like about the disc is that if you need to make a touch shot in the 200 feet or less distance, you can throw it flat and straight and it will fly true and with good glide with a small fade at the end. The Trak is also a great controlled turnover disc that will hold a line for a long flight very easily.

There is a great hole at my local course, Blue Ribbon Pines just north of the Twin cities. I am a lefty and hole #26 is a tough hole for lefties. The tee shot must go about 200 ft through trees on a slow left turn, a fairly easy shot for a right hander, but not so easy for a lefty. The Trak will fly all the way through the trees in a nice slow left turn with just a slight anhyzer release, and hold it all the way to the open fairway.

I am a huge fan of the Discraft Buzzz, I use it for most short driving shots and almost all approach shots. It would be hard for any disc to take a spot in my bag over a Buzzz. I made a spot in my bag for the Trak because I love the durability and how easy it is to hold a nice anhyzer line.

As with most discs that are in this group of discs, it is not good in a strong wind, with a crosswind or throwing into the wind, it's hard to control in the wind. It does work well with a tailwind. Of all the disc golfers I know, they all agree that getting a disc that will hold a good anhyzer line consistently is probably one of the most difficult discs to get your hands on.

The Vibram Trak is worth trying just for this alone. It is also a great touch disc that can be useful in many approach situations that can save you strokes. Get one and give it a try. If you're looking for a good driver, check out the new Vibram Lace.


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