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Dining Examiner's top ten stories for 2013 and more.

The pie that took forever
photography by Dara Bunjon

Another year has whisked by, and yes, the food pun was intended. This year in food is one that has brought us the foodnsteins; like the cronut – a combined donut and croissant and the ramen burger, where the rolls are replaced with ramen noodles made into a solid rice cake shape. I’ve had neither and curiosity will not get the best of me on those. In 2013 you can look forward to Taco Bell’s Taco Waffle that comes three ways, with sausage, fruit or fried chicken strips – they are in test markets as I type.

I thought New Year’s Eve day is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. I have two lists for you; most popular via Google Analytics and the stories I enjoyed the most writing. My most memorable dining moment was the Patron dinner held at Camden Yards prior to the last of Baltimore's Grand Prix race.

Least favorite recipe - Saveur Magazine’s recent issue had a deep dish sea salt, caramel apple pie that I made. The recipe was very convoluted in listing ingredients and timing. It was a 4 hour pie to make. Just sayin! Favorite new recipe was the Bacon Jam I made it just the other day and used it as a topping on deviled eggs. My favorite store bought item for 2013 is Graeter's Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Sorting through Google analytics I have come up with the most popular Dining Examiner stories for 2013. Here they are from number ten to number one.

My personal favorite stories that were penned in 2013 are as follows:

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Happy New Year - may it be healthy and prosperous.

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