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Did the first 'Halo 5' images just leak? No

Screenshots from a fan-made Halo game passed off as Halo 5.
Screenshots from a fan-made Halo game passed off as Halo 5.

With Microsoft and 343 Industries keeping a tight lid on Halo 5 (aka Halo Xbox One), it is understandable that fans are highly interested in any leak or information that comes out about the next-gen version of the Halo franchise. For example, a set of off-screen images "leaked" on Twitter, Reddit and other forums on Sunday. Unfortunately, all indications are that these are not the real deal.

While the images clearly have "343 Industries" and "Alpha Build" labels on them, astute members of NeoGAF and Reddit correctly point out that these appear to be images from a fan made Halo PC game called Project Contingency. The CryEngine 3 powered game is still in the process of being developed so it looks like someone got their hands on a recent build, slapped the 343 Industries logo on it and then took some off-screen pictures in an attempt at authenticity.

Even 343 Industries' David Ellis chimed in on the images by posting "Ha ha" in response on NeoGAF.

So these images aren't the real thing. Don't buy into it and keep on patiently waiting for Microsoft and 343 Industries to finally make with an unveiling. With Halo 5 confirmed for release in 2014, it's probably safe to bet that a big reveal is coming in the next couple of months.

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