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Did George Bush squander the discretion to intervene?

One story today in the Washington Post by Scott Wilson, observes how President Obama’s past words collide and conflict with his actions. The case in point is Syria.

Bush spend Obama's discretion

The situation in Syria has begged for American foreign policy attention since the beginning of the crisis. The trouble is that America at the direction of the Obama administration and with the will of the people is winding down wars and intervention in the Middle East. Syria was an inconvenient and untimely problem.

You see, America is still broke financially and broken with dysfunction as a government. Those factors deplete discretionary resources needed to address problems like the people’s revolt in Syria.

The Chinese and Russians know this. Since China is our banker and significant trading partner, they can pull our chain. Russians resent Americans intervening on their turf and meddling in their arms sales, such as to Syria.

Seeing Americans feuding and fussing about the budget, and Congress in conflict with President Obama telegraphs to our enemies and detractors that America is weak and vulnerable. Nations like North Korea exploit the opportunity and assert themselves. The same is true for Iran and Syria. Even in Afghanistan, where America is standing down, lame duck Kasai confronts American foreign policy head on for personal gain.

While people criticize Obama for untimely, and inadequate response to Syria, the reason and root cause is that we wasted our resources on Iraq and Afghanistan that we needed to conserve for instances that yield a higher return on cost.

“Just how different is the United States under Obama? The question holds fresh urgency as the peace process stagnates and the Syrian government employs new methods of barbarity. Recent administration warnings that the distant war poses a direct threat to the United States have elevated Syria, and Obama’s stated principles for intervention, to the top of a crowded national security agenda.

On Wednesday, Obama warned Ukraine’s government, also the target of broad popular protests, not to “step over the line” in its move against demonstrators, threatening international reprisals if it does. The punishment would most likely be sanctions, but the threat again puts on the line the president’s credibility to carry through with pledges to protect anti-government protesters.

Obama has no election ahead, as he did when he intervened in Libya, only a presidential legacy to consider. He is the president who is unwinding the United States’s post-9/11 conflicts. With the U.S. combat role in the Afghanistan war scheduled to conclude at the end of the year, the goal may be too close to start a new one.”

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