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Dick Kantenberger's articles move to's National page

Rainard High School
Rainard High School
The Rainard School for Gifted Students

Starting next week my Gifted and Talented Education articles will no longer be published at this site. is moving me to their National page which will be:

Rainard School for Gifted Students
The Rainard School for Gifted Students

If you wish to re-subscribe or subscribe for the first time, you will need to hit the "subscribe" button at the top of the page on Monday

Previous articles published in recent months will automatically be transfered to the new National page, however, the older ones will not. So I am planning to re-publish some of the articles that are not time sensitive at intervals over the next few months or so.

“By…(selecting) the youth of genius from among the classes of the poor, we hope to avail the State of those talents which nature has sown as liberally among the poor as the rich, but which perish without use if not sought for and cultivated”. Thomas Jefferson, 1772

We did not listen then. Will we now?

Dick Kantenberger
Gifted Education Writer at
Board of Directors and Head of Business Development at Rainard School for Gifted Students
(713) 206-9343


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