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'Diablo III' transitioning nicely over to the PlayStation 3

There are always a number of things people worry about when it comes to a PC game hitting consoles, but from what has been shown off thus far, Diablo III is looking like it will be setting up quite nicely for the PlayStation 3.

Excited to see Diablo III on PS3?

In an exclusive look at the upcoming game Diablo III, we saw how things are translating over to the PlayStation 3.

Controls that we were able to get hands-on time with seem to reveal a nice translation from what people have experienced on PC. Things made sense and the scheme wasn't hard to figure out.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns people may have with Diablo III on consoles is the game's menus. They can be handled one way on PC, but how they are implemented on a console is completely different. This is an area that could've been a deal-breaker for the game if people the developers didn't work it out.

We are happy to report that from what we saw, menus have been nicely blended together. They make sense and flow nicely together. We've all had experiences with games that numb our minds with menus, but it doesn't look like we'll have that problem here.

We also had the chance to check out the four-player co-op experience. There were some advanced characters for us to play as and the experience was extremely engaging. Players will certainly enjoy how fast they will be able to mow through enemies and pick up various items throughout the game.

The co-op experience will be interesting to see how people react to it, but we had good feelings when we left.

One thing people will need to be conscious of is how far apart they get from each other on the screen. Blizzard has some things in place for when you get too far apart, but staying together will need to be something worth keeping in mind.

Overall, Diablo III is looking great on the PS3 and fans should be excited for Blizzard's title to hit consoles this September.


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