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'Diablo 3' and Blizzard's challenge of developing on the PS4 versus PS3

Excited for Diablo III on consoles?
Excited for Diablo III on consoles?

With Diablo about to make its triumphant return to the PlayStation, Blizzard's developers have had an interesting task of having to develop Diablo 3 not just for the PS3, but also for the PS4.

The PS3 and PS4 are obviously two very different systems, and from an architectural standpoint, they couldn't be further apart when looking at ease of development and similarities to PC development.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Matthew Berger, who is Diablo 3's senior level designer, talked about the challenge of having to develop on both the PS3 and PS4, and what the PS4 brings to gamers and developers.

"From a design perspective we obviously have two very different input systems to contend with. The touchpad present on the PS4 controller brings with it a lot of new possibilities.

"The challenge is then to identify the interactions that make the most sense for Diablo III and not muddy the crisp responsive control scheme we achieved for the PS3 and Xbox 360," Berger said.

It's been well documented how different the PS3's architecture is from say, the Xbox 360. It looks like Blizzard will not only be able to utilize the new features of the PS4, but will be able to create better experiences for players, faster.

Diablo 3 will hit the PS3 this Tuesday and then the PS4 after the new console's launch. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

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