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DHS adds another 200,000 rounds to its 2 billion round stockpile

A .40 caliber round
A .40 caliber round
Wikimedia Commons

Last year, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security had purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition of various calibers for reasons that the agency refuses to reveal. On Wednesday, the DHS announced that it would acquire another 200,000 rounds from a company known as Evian Group, Inc.

The DHS put out a solicitation for the purchase on the Web site on Dec. 17 for the agency’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, requesting .40 caliber hollow point rounds, Federal Ammunition of 1,000 rounds in 200 cases.

Not only is the reason for the agency’s stockpiling of nearly 2 billion rounds of ammo shrouded in mystery, but so too is the Evian Group. James Smith of Prepper Podcast did an investigation into the company and found some odd facts which he reported in an article on Thursday.

For one, “It seems that the Evian Group was formed on December 12, 2012, just 5 days before the announcement of the solicitation,” writes Smith.

The price that the agency paid for the rounds is suspect too, according to Smith.

“The contract for 200,000 rounds was $45,758, which boils down to about $0.21 per round. And to be quiet (sic) honest, that (is) a really good price. As in, unheard of good price.”

After comparing the prices for the rounds from Evian and other companies on two different Web sites, Smith found “that the price was less than half of what the other guys are charging.”

Also suspicious is the company’s address of 105 South Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nev. After searching Google Maps, Smith found that the building at the listed address doesn’t appear to be the kind of place that could produce that much ammunition and then ship it anywhere. Smith proclaims, “There’s not even a MailBoxes Etc to accept mail! 105 S Eastern Avenue looks like the parking lot for a bodega.”

Further, the people supposedly running the company don’t seem to exist.

The listed principles, Grace Hodge and Larayne Whitehead, are director and president respectively. Nowhere can they be found attached to Evian Group, Inc, which is unusual as they (sic) whole purpose of running a business is to create a steady stream of revenue. They cannot be found on LinkedIn, where people network to get more business, or even in Google as a website. is parked by for a future site, and Bravenet is hosting

Furthermore, no property or telephone records exist for principles. The people do not seem to exist.

In reviewing the DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet) record, when the telephone number was called, it was not a business line, but a rather unusual phrase was used, “…[P]lease download line 2”.

As mentioned, the DHS has stockpiled nearly 2 billion rounds of ammo. This is an unusually large amount for a federal agency to be stockpiling. The agency has refused to give an explanation for these purchases, going so far as to black out information on another solicitation, which is illegal without Congressional authorization or in response to national security issues.

The typical response from the media has been that the rounds are for target practice; however, hollow points are not used for target shooting. Hollow points are too expensive and not designed for target practice; instead, full metal jacket rounds are used for training.

The other purchases by the DHS include 200 million rounds of .223 and .308, 450 million rounds of .40 caliber, and another 750 million rounds of various calibers including .357 magnum.

Even though government agencies are arming themselves to the teeth, the politicians continue to tell Americans that they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.


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