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'Destiny' started out as a fantasy game with giant frogs

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Bungie held a panel at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Thursday where it talked a little about the origins of Destiny. The upcoming sci-fi shooter for the PS4, Xbox 720, PS3 and Xbox 360 wasn't always sci-fi. In fact, it started out as a fantasy game with giant frogs.

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Bungie art director Chris Barret and lead writer Joseph Staten hosted the panel where they revealed that the studio was a bit tired of science fiction as they were moving off of Halo: Reach and on to Destiny. The idea was to go for a game that was hopeful with lots of open spaces, skylines with castle and places where people with capes can get together and show off their gear before adventuring into strange dungeons.

Eventually, Bungie began thinking about how they could bring these same kind of elements into science fiction. This brought them to the "mythic sci-fi" genre with characters with custom capes, weapons and even space tigers. Castles became space ships and futuristic cities, dungeons became derelict spaceships and fantasy landscapes became alien landscapes.

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Via: GameSpot Live Stream