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‘Destiny’ co-op, Fireteam and more details discussed by Bungie

Bungie's 'Destiny'
Bungie's 'Destiny'
Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

David Dague has provided new details on the cooperative and Fireteam elements in the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Destiny.” According to a report from Segment Next on April 13, the community manager at Bungie revealed that having a strong team is more beneficial than any weapons found in the shared-world first-person shooter. Players will be able to form these groups from “The Tower” hub.

Each of the three classes in “Destiny” is designed to complement one another. The Titan, for example, specializes in heavy machinery while Hunters use both speed and strength to fight off enemies. Finally, the Warlock class is able to incorporate magic into their attacks.

Although players are suggested to play the shared-world first-person shooter cooperatively, Bungie won’t make it an absolute requirement. The Fireteam can still be successful even if one member decided to go at it alone. The lone wolves will draw fire from the opposition as well as pick off enemies even if group work was the furthest thing on his or her mind. David Dague used snipers as examples of players who can play the game solo. You can find his comments from the Bungie website below:

Not everyone wants to keep the company of a Fireteam. If you’re that guy or gal, you’re welcome to keep to yourself. I’ve seen – but never met – enigmatic snipers camped on the ridge that overlooks a skirmish. Their well-placed shots have saved lives. Without so much as a wave, they’ve mounted up and sped off before we could so much as thank them.

The main campaign of “Destiny” can be completed by playing alone. Certain side missions and activities may require more than one player, however. Despite being an online-only video game, Activision previously announced that the software product won’t come with any subscription fees. Several DLC packs, which may require a fee, are being planned, however.

Bungie fans will be able to try “Destiny” later this summer with the multiplayer beta, which is going to be exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 for a period of time before heading to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can find a photo of the multiplatform title from the official Bungie Twitter page with the photo added to the top of this article. “Destiny” has a targeted release date of Sept. 9 for all four aforesaid platforms.

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