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Desk jobs are rewarding if you can tolerate the drawbacks

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Access to technology/Internet, low physical demand, and having a routine are the main reasons people like their desk job. Surprisingly, a survey of over 3,000 workers reported by CareerBuilder this Thursday found people at desk jobs are equally happy and are no more stressed than people with non-desk jobs. However, desk-job workers had more complaints about their work environment.

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Be in the know at your office

Other reported advantages of a desk job is the ability to communicate with company leaders and peers more easily, the opportunity to build closer relationships with company leaders and peers, and the ability to stay in the loop on new developments in the company.

Get higher pay

Desk–job workers reported a higher pay average than non-desk-job workers. They are twice as likely to earn six-figure pay.

Desk workers feel chained to their desk

People in desk jobs don’t like spending most of the day without physical activity, staring at a computer screen, feeling stuck inside, lacking variety in their work, and being distracted or disrupted by co-workers. Only 14 percent of workers in desk jobs said they had no complaints about their work environment compared to thirty-eight percent of workers in non-desk jobs.

Watch the weight gain

More desk-job workers reported they were overweight. Nearly half blamed working at a desk for their weight gain.

Watch for physical problems

As if the complaints of surveyed office workers were not enough of a downside, the Mayo Clinic says, “If you sit behind a desk for hours at a time, you're not doomed to a career of neck and back pain or sore wrists and fingers.” Mayo recommends an ergonomic guide for office workers.

Survey Mechanics

Harris Poll conducted this online survey for CareerBuilder between February 10 and March 4, 2014 asking 3,197 U.S. workers ages 18 and over. The survey tapped the opinions of 2,095 people who typically work behind a desk and 1,102 don’t typically work behind a desk. CareerBuilder helps companies target and attract great talent globally.

See the slide show for more details on the advantages of desk jobs.



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