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Denver Bouldering Club, ROCK'n & JAM'n: The Denver climbing gym scene

If you're a climber and have recently moved from Boulder to Denver, you may be interested in what the Denver climbing scene has to offer. With three very distinct gyms, there is something for everyone.

If you're used to bouldering at The Spot, check out the Denver Bouldering Club (DBC). This community-oriented gym offers members 24 hour access. With over 15,000 square feet of climbing space, access to climbing-specific personal training (it will cost you extra), and the ability to set your own routes, this gym is a bouldering haven. With free Wi-Fi and the ability to access this gym at all hours of the night, students can cram and climb within the same session.

If you're used to climbing at the Boulder Rock Club (BRC), and are more interested in roping up, check out ROCK'n & JAM'n 1 in Thornton (ROCK'n & JAM'n 2 is located in Centennial); self-proclaimed as the "tallest and steepest indoor climbing gym in the entire Rocky Mountain Region." The routes are overhanging, the bouldering cave is a playground, and climbers can continue their workout with aerobic and weight training equipment, campus and system boards, and a large stretching area.

For edgy climbers looking for a non traditional gym climbing experience, Thrillseekers may be your best option. With climbing holds on nearly every surface, five arches, and a 300 foot mega bouldering traverse, what this gym lacks in space it makes up for in uniqueness. "Thrills" as it is called by the locals, used to be an old movie theater.


Denver Bouldering Club (DBC)
2485 W. 2nd Avenue Unit 18
Denver, CO 80223
(303) 709-8657

ROCK'n & JAM'n
9499 Washington Street, Unit C,
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 254-6299

Thrillseekers (Thrills)
1912 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210-4005
(303) 733-8810


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