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Demi Moore ‘really hurt’ by Ashton Kutcher: What she wants now

Demi Moore was “really hurt” by her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher and that may behind her demands for a large divorce settlement, TMZ reported Friday in a divorce case that is winding its way through the courts with new revelations of the couple's troubles.

As previously reported, Moore file divorce papers with a court Thursday.

Today’s headline hints as the reason for that filing and implies that Demi Moore may be bent on revenge, “DEMI MOORE You Were a Crappy Husband And Now You'll Pay."

The story of Demi Moore's divorce demands is making headlines in the UK. That story is here.

The New York Post cited the TMZ story Friday and noted that Moore is asking Kutcher to pay her spousal support and attorney fees. Moore reportedly has more money than Kutcher. says that in Nov. 2011, that Kutcher and Moore had a combined $290 million fortune. Kutcher is reportedly TV’s highest paid actor, earning an estimated $24 million a year from the "Two and a Half Men" show.

The Post reports, “It seems Moore may just be a classic scorned wife.”

TMZ reports that the couple are in the middle of negotiating a financial settlement.

Moore and Kutcher were married for six years. They separated a year and a half ago amid tabloid reports of Kutcher’s infidelity.

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