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Demi Lovato debuts sexy pink hair; artist readies for ‘Neon Lights’ tour

Demi Lovato debuts pink hair
Demi Lovato/Twitter

Demi Lovato returned from her vacation on the beach and offered the fans a glimpse of her preparation for the upcoming Neon Lights tour. Showcasing her new pink hair, the star revealed her new look on Thursday and it seemed like a perfect reflection of what fans should expect in the weeks ahead. According to MTV news on Friday, bright pink hairstyle obviously has some personal meaning and it framed Demi’s face quite nicely.

This isn’t the first time Demi Lovato has decided to go with bright colors. Previously on X Factor the star was seen with bright blue hair and she looked good wearing the color as well. Looking to change it up, the star always seems to find a perfect color and her fans adore her determination to mix it up without chopping off all her hair.

The Neon Lights tour might be a few weeks off, but it appears the vacation the star took helped her get ready to bring the energy to the stage. With solid ticket sales and plenty of fan interest, when the star hits the stage everyone assumes Demi will be at the top of her game! For now the interest of the Neon Lights tour is getting bigger and Demi can thank her hair for the visual reminder!

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