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Delivery date for reprint of Mark Lewisohn extended Beatles bio announced

Mark Lewisohn's extended special edition of "The Beatles: All These Years: Tune In."
Mark Lewisohn's extended special edition of "The Beatles: All These Years: Tune In."
Little Brown & Co. - used by permission. sent out an email update April 18 to those who have ordered the extended version of Mark Lewisohn's “The Beatles: All These Years, Volume 1 – Tune In.” The email said the delivery date for the book is to be April 29 to May 1, though that estimate may not include shipping times to the U.S., which would, of course, make it take longer.

The book was reprinted because of demand after the first printing of the bigger version quickly sold out. The smaller mass market version has been available in the U.S., but the extended version is only available in the UK because the U.S. publisher, Crown Archetype, chose not to offer it here. U.S. buyers interested in getting it can only get the printed version since the longer ebook version is not available for sale in the U.S., either.

The UK publisher, Little Brown, announced in March the extended version would be reprinted again. The ordering price of the hardcover extended edition is £80.64 ($134.94 USD). Third-party vendors have asked nearly $500 for the book.

The extended edition originally came out in November, a month after the abridged version, and it quickly sold out, as did an instant reprint. The abridged version was a New York Times bestseller for a short time.

Lewisohn explained in an interview with this writer that his book made a point not to use the same people usually found in Beatles books. “I got tired of reading other books on the Beatles where the author would go to Liverpool and say, 'Who here knew the Beatles?' and the same half dozen people stick their hands up in the air and you see them quoted in every book. And it's never anything fresh because they told it. And I knew there were lots of other people as well.

"I've just got so many now from this point on they're going to be considered major witnesses to events and key friends and participants in the story that no one's ever heard of before. And they're all in this book.”