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Delays in Apple pc production points to growing worldwide shortage of silver

Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver
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On Jan. 17, the U.S. Mint announced that they were halting sales of one ounce silver American Eagle coins due to a lack of supply of the precious metals. This action comes after six million coins were sold in the first 17 days of 2013 to dealers and individuals. Now, on Jan. 18, silver commodities analyst Ted Butler is reporting that the 10 week delay in Apple iMac production in China is intrinsically tied to a shortage in industrial silver, and that the overall supply of the metal may lead to a panic, and massive rise in prices.

Silver expert Ted Butler has long predicted and awaited an eventual industrial shortage of physical silver, and a resulting panic silver buying that terminates the bullion bank cartel’s manipulation of the silver market.

Butler may be about to be finally proven correct, if an Apple contractor is right that Apple has delayed production on the new 27” iMacs over an industrial silver shortage in China.

Submitted to Ted Butler and Silver doctors:

I work as a sales contractor for a local independent Apple dealer. I don’t know how many of you closely watch Apple delivery dates, but we received a consignment of the new 21.5″ iMacs and then they dried up. We haven’t received any of the new 27″ iMacs. Our shelves are bare with lots of backorders. I’ve never seen this before.

Apple announced the new iMacs on Oct. 23 2012.

It’s been 10 weeks now since any 27″ iMacs have been shipped and Apple states that another 3 to 4 week delivery for those models, if you order today. - Silver Doctors

The price of gold and silver has been pushed down below $1700 and $30 per ounce respectively in the past 45 days in the paper and spot markets, but dealer premiums and over the counter sales show that physical metal prices have disconnected from those market determinants. Many metals dealers such as Apmex now require a $3.99 premium for a single ounce of silver, and sales on EBAY are going for over $35 an ounce lower silver spot prices, and economic uncertainly, is causing many Americans to stock up on the precious metal.

Besides increased industrial use, and the influx of silver coin sales in the U.S., foreign countries and central banks outside the Western world are buying gold and silver in bulk as a hedge against the devaluing dollar. In fact, Germany announced a repatriation of its gold holding from French and American depositories this week, even as China announced record gold buying in the open markets for 2012.

Silver is the metal that the common man has historically used for barter, trade, and as wealth protection against currency and economic devaluation. Where gold is the metal of kings and kingdoms, silver, normally set at a ratio of 10 or 15:1 against gold, is the metal that is most accessible for the middle class and business owner to purchase. With current gold to silver ratios at 52:1, the investment ceiling for silver is much greater than gold, as silver is currently devalued four times lower than its historic price, and is in much smaller quantities above ground than gold is.

As more and more indicators around the world point to a growing shortage in silver, the potential for a massive rise in price increases as investors, central banks, and industrial producers see the need to hoard the metal before prices become unaffordable. The newest revelation today that Apple is unable to produce and deliver their new iMac devices because of a shortage in silver, will not only affect the stock price of the world's largest tech company, but possibly lead to a silver crisis, similar to the airline industry when oil prices climbed to $145 a barrel, that will force a price war between investors and commercial producers over acquisition of the precious metal.


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