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'Defiance' servers down for emergency maintenance (updated)

Screenshots from Defiance
Screenshots from Defiance
Trion Worlds

All North American "Defiance" servers are currently down. The servers came down about two hours ago for an emergency maintenance. As of this writing, the servers are still down for this maintenance.

A hellbug in Defiance
Trion Worlds

Patch 1.013 went live just yesterday but it appears that the emergency maintenance is in response to issues caused by the patch. To be specific, pursuit related issues, like pursuit resetting. Players seem to be actively completing objectives for pursuits and immediately lose that progress.

This issue has somewhat been present before the patch with contracts and particular pursuits like Ark Hunting as a Way of Life. However, there is no word on whether all pursuit resetting bugs will be fixed with this emergency maintenance.

Gamers should keep their eyes on the official Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates concerning server outage. The official forums are also a good way of staying in the know.

UPDATE: PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 servers are back up. Pursuits should track correctly now. Simply try to progress one and it should update automatically with the correct number. The Freight Yard competitive map has been taken down again.

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