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'Defiance', 'Baldur's Gate Enhanced' added to Amazon Mayem event

Defiance is on sale as part of the Amazon Mayhem Sale.
Defiance is on sale as part of the Amazon Mayhem Sale.
Trion Worlds

Amazon updated its Digital Games Mayhem Sale for downloadable PC titles with some new selections Friday and Saturday. This includes the television tie-in, Defiance, along with the upgraded version of one of the greatest role-playing games ever made, Baldur’s Gate.

The standard edition of Defiance from Trion Worlds is marked down to $39.99 through Monday, May 27 while the price of the Digital Deluxe Edition drops to $69.99. This more expensive version adds a number of in-game items such as the Ark Hunter Infiltrator Outfit, Hydra Heavy Weapon and VBI Sentinel Shield plus it gives a week’s worth Scrip (money) and experience boosts.

Meanwhile, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is on sale for just $6.79 which is a fairly deep discount from its regular $19.99 price. The game comes with upgraded graphics for the original Baldur’s Gate adventure along with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. There’s also a new adventure called The Black Pit and three new companion characters. This will be on sale through the end of May.

Also new are Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends for $7.49 until the end of the month and Football Manager 2013 for $13.49 through Sunday.

The Amazon Mayhem Sale has hundred of games which is too much to list here. Head over to see other deals like Dead Island GOTY Edition for $4.99, Saints: Row the Third - The Full Package for $12.49 and the Sega Fun Pack with nine games for $9.99.

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