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‘Defensive Use of Firearms’ author to host Reddit Q & A

Author and training expert Wenger will be sharing his knowledge this Sunday on Reddit.
Defensive Use of Firearms, LLC

“I have been invited to host a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A session on Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. MDT/PDT,” author and instructor Stephen P. Wenger told his email newsletter subscribers in a special announcement Friday.

Wenger, proprietor of the Defensive Use of Firearms blog and author of a book of the same name, draws on “training [that] included courses from some of the better known private-sector instructors in the US as well as many ‘unknown’ ones encountered at law-enforcement training seminars and conferences. His certification from the Law Enforcement Activities Division of the NRA included Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle and Tactical Shooting Instructor.”

“You, in turn, are invited to follow or participate,” Wenger tells list members about the Reddit event. “On Sunday, click on the green topic link titled ‘AMA next Sunday 8/31 at 0100 GMT: Stephen Wenger, author of Defensive Use of Firearms.’

“If you would like to participate, click the link that says ‘login or register,’ located at the upper right, corner of the page,” he explains. “If you need to register, you will only be required to provide a user name but providing an e-mail address may be useful if you need to do a password reset, as I did. Once you have registered and logged in, return to the page linked below:”

The Reddit Q&A should provide a great opportunity to learn valuable lessons about real-world situations, considerations and implications from someone well-qualified to provide them.

UPDATE: I've been informed interested readers can also purchase an autographed copy of Wenger's book directly from him.


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