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Death traps at VA hospitals hold sobering lessons for Obamacare

The VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz.
The VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With more reports coming in each day that VA hospitals around the country have been and are continuing to be death traps for the nation's veterans, a much broader issue lurks beneath surface involving Obamacare. The fact that hundreds of vets in multiple states are beset with long waiting lines and lengthy delays in being able to see a doctor or get treatment has created a culture of death that permeates the facilities. All of this holds sobering lessons for Obamacare and should serve as an urgent cautionary tale.

At least 40 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor at the Phoenix Veteran Affairs Health Care system in Arizona. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Similar delays and consequential deaths have occurred all across the country. But as CNN reports, instead of doing something to address the problem that led to shoddy care and deadly consequences, VA officials fudged the numbers entered into the books and covered up the actual wait times for patients to get treatment.

In addition to Phoenix similar complaints against the VA have been lodged in Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, California, at at least a dozen other states. Some of the family members of the vets who died while waiting to be treated referred to the VA facilities as "death traps" where it is too easy for patients to get lost in the shuffle.

But what does any of this have to do with Obamacare? Plenty. The VA system is run by the federal government. If Americans want to see what a government controlled healthcare system looks like, look no further than the VA. Although Obamacare does not place hospitals and doctors under the complete control of the government, its provisions are similar to that of the VA system. Long wait times will be standard. People who are very ill will die while waiting for treatment.

How do we know this will be one of the consequences of Obamacare? Because scores of doctors around the country have announced that they are either retiring early or leaving medicine altogether rather than to be hamstrung by the senseless rules and regulations inherent to Obamacare. Further, it has already been reported and confirmed that growing numbers of doctors are opting out of Obamacare entirely and refusing to comply with the rules and regulations of detached bureaucrats in Washington who know nothing about their patients at all.

This will lead to doctor shortages. And doctor shortages will lead to longer and longer wait times. And, due to the delays in getting treatment, people will die. If it is happening in the VA, how could anyone say that it cannot happen with the healthcare system as a whole under Obamacare?

Americans have already gotten scammed by a program that was supposed to be based on the claims of Barack Obama and top Democrats in Congress, who reassured the public incessantly that Obamacare would lower their healthcare costs by $2,500 per year, that patients can keep their doctor and their current healthcare plan if they like them, and other such barefaced lies. Citizens who bought into the Obama-Democrat scheme woke up one day just after the new year in 2014 only to discover that the new law will force them to pay much higher premiums along with prohibitive deductibles, all for a more inferior healthcare plan than the one they had before this law was approved. And they certainly cannot keep their doctors or present insurance plans unless both are in the network and are compliant with the Obamacare rules and regulations.

So, to add insult to injury, the citizens are going to be forced into unacceptable wait times due to acute doctor shortages. It is bad enough that our VA hospitals have turned into death traps for veterans. Just wait until practically every hospital or clinic in the nation turns into one big death trap as well, courtesy of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Charles Schumer.

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