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Death penalty: Muslim Brotherhood leader, members sentenced to hang in Egypt

An Egyptian judge pronounced sentence following the guilty verdicts against the leader of the terrorist-designated group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and 682 of the organization's members and supporters on Monday. The group is facing the ultimate sentence of public hanging, the same as delivered last month to other Brotherhood members and supporters, according to Middle East news outlets.

The Islamist leader Mohamed Badie and hundreds of other Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters are sentenced to death by hanging.
Press TV/Iran

An Egyptian court in March 2014 sentenced 529 members and supporters of the outlawed group to death by hanging after being convicted of a number of offenses such as cop-killings, assaults on civilians, and destruction of property, according to an Examiner report.

This latest death sentence for Mohamed Badie, the 70-year-old Brotherhood supreme leader, is expected to result in anger and a desire for vengeance on the part on Egyptian Islamists, who have been targeted by police and security forces since the army removed the duly-elected President Mohamed Morsi from office in July 2013.

"If they executed me a thousand times I will not retreat from the right path," Badie was quoted as saying upon hearing his death sentence. The comments were published on the Facebook page of Osama Morsi, son of the Brotherhood leader ousted as president.

As a result of Monday's death sentences, the Islamist alliance, that includes the Brotherhood and the even more radical Salafists, is urging the Egyptian people to participate in numerous protests and demonstrations denouncing the death sentences. The first of these demonstrations is scheduled for Wednesday in Cairo, according to the Middle East news media.

Meanwhile, Islamist militants hiding in the Sinai Peninsula launched numerous attacks against Egyptian border police and security forces since Morsi's overthrow. The Islamists claim they've killed hundreds of police, security and intelligence officers and will continue the killing until Morsi is restored to power, according to former counterterrorism task force member and police detective Sid Franes.

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