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Dead children wash up on riverbank of Rio Grande in Texas

Dead children have washed up on the riverbank of the Rio Grande, the price of illegal immigration?
Dead children have washed up on the riverbank of the Rio Grande, the price of illegal immigration?
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Small bodies of dead children were found washed up on the riverbank of the Rio Grande. These are the casualties of illegal immigration and the devastation seen on the faces of the people who find these lifeless bodies indicates this is not something they will soon forget. These children have paid with their lives to make the illegal trek to America crossing the Rio Grande.

According to Kristinn Taylor from The Gateway Pundit on July 14, there have been no reports on these dead children, who were trying to make it across the Rio Grande from Mexico to America, by the Obama Administration. Taylor suggests this is indicative of a “pattern of covering up dead illegal kids by the Obama Administration."

These children were found two weeks before the Administration came out and acknowledged the death of just one boy, 15-year-old Gilberto Ramos, from Guatemala. His body was found in the hot Texas bush and his cause of death was from the heat.

“Fox News” accompanied Texas lawmaker Louie Gohmert, who is a Republican Congressman and a former judge, to the Texas border so they could see first-hand what the crossing of illegal aliens actually looked like. The news station went down to the border on Gohmert’s invitation, to the “most heavily-trafficked people-smuggling route in the world.”

Jana Winter reported on this trip on Monday’s Fox News. What the news team saw in the early morning hours as the sun was not yet seen on the horizon was horrendous. During the first hours before sunrise, 72 illegal immigrants made their way across the Rio Grande and one third of those were “unaccompanied children.”

The border patrol agents loaded and then unloaded their vehicles with the folks who had just made it over the border. In the groups there were pregnant women, women nursing their babies and small unaccompanied children. First the groups consisted of mostly teenagers between the ages of 14 to 17 and they would either arrive in Texas alone or with a family member.

Then came the pregnant women, infants and the kids who came to America all alone, most likely with their parents hoping that once they arrived, they’d be taken care of. Taylor writes, “More needs to be known about the price children are paying for the Obama administration’s lawless immigration policy.

Fox News Jana Winter writes about the life jackets and rafts strewn along the Rio Grande riverbanks as immigrants shed their mode of transportation to “eagerly surrender” to the Border Patrol agents any hour of the day or night. She also writes that “It’s a cycle for which no end is in sight.”

Once a Border Patrol vehicle is in sight, the people run to them and they are piled in to be transported to a makeshift staging area where yet another transport is awaiting them, a bus, to take them to the McAllen’s Border Patrol facility. The one thing that became immediately apparent is that the Border Patrol Agents were greatly understaffed and massively overwhelmed at the task at hand.

Many of the illegal immigrants have said that the media in Mexico is reporting that once you make it to America, you are given papers and allowed to stay. This is what many have said during their initial interviews once arriving at a staging area.

The word is out and they are coming at alarming rates, with the children’s bodies lying lifeless on the riverbank as a reminder of the high price that is paid.

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