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Dead body rolls into the street after coroner's van door malfunctions

Drivers in Bucks County Pennsylvania were in for a shock on Friday afternoon. They saw something they won’t likely see again anytime soon—a dead body on a gurney sitting in the middle-of-the-road. The Bucks County Courier Times reported a bizarre story on Saturday about a dead body and a malfunctioning door.

Dead body rolls into the street after coroner's van door opens.
Jerry Bradley's Facebook page

On Friday, while transporting a dead body, a coroner’s van door malfunctioned and opened. After the door had opened, a deceased body on a gurney rolled out. The malfunction occurred along a busy road in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. A passerby named Jerry Bradley stopped to help load the body back into the van. He even took a photograph and posted it to his Facebook account for good measure.

Bradley said he thought it was a joke at first. He then quickly realized it was a real body. On Saturday, the Bucks County Coroner’s Office offered an apology for the disturbing incident.

The coroner of Bucks County is Dr. Joseph Campbell. Their website states the coroner’s office examines all sudden, unexplained or violent deaths that occur within the county. The coroner handles all county forensic services. The 2014 web news link did not mention the incident.

For readers not familiar with the coroner’s office responsibilities, the website provides general information about a coroner’s duties. Typically, a coroner is a doctor, but not always. Depending on the county, some coroners aren’t required to be medical doctors.

A coroner’s duties include identifying the deceased, deciding the cause of death and revealing the manner of death. The coroner’s office works with law enforcement officials to prove the exact cause of death. If the coroner orders an autopsy, a board certified pathologist will conduct an autopsy. If the deceased was murdered or some other foul play is discovered, police officials will investigate the death.

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