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DEA Claims Heroin Dealers Flooding NYC Before Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

Heroin grabbed in a New York bust
Heroin grabbed in a New York bust
Photo Credit Sophia Hall - WCBS

As many in the nation mourned the untimely heroin overdose death of Academy Award winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in that same city the DEA was dealing with the flood of the drug into the Big Apple, according to Fox News. Just a scant week before the death of Hoffman, law enforcement authorities smashed a “sophisticated heroin packaging and distribution operation in an apartment in the Bronx,” reported Fox News.

It appears the drug operation was geared toward middle-class and the more affluent drug users like Hoffman, because the nature of the detailed packaging of the drug. The network was seemingly a “well-oiled distribution network which stretched into the very chasm of New York residences,” according to Fox News.

By seizing the estimated $8 million in heroin, the users like Hoffman and the dealers may have received their drugs from the heroin processing mill located in the raided apartment building in lower Manhattan, suggests Fox News. The multi-million dollar bust actually is a reflection of the 67 percent growth in seizures stretching back five years in New York City.

In fact the heroin trade in New York is so lucrative that according to the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) it alone accounts for 20 percent of the entire drug seizures in the nation, reported Fox News.

One of the major challenges that confront the drug enforcement officials in New York is the inexpensive nature of the drug as well as its abundance. Customers only need to pay $10 to $15 for a single-dose glassine envelope of dope. And the heroin mill operator can make as much as a $70,000 profit on a kilo of heroin after expenses.

Hopefully, the actor’s death will send a wake up call to others around the city as well as the nation that the heroin crisis is growing. It is unfortunately creating more victims like the deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman and his children who now must survive the tragedy.

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