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Day of Resistance: New Hampshire gun rights advocates continue their fight

Yesterday the ‘Day of Resistance’ rally was held at the State House in Concord. The event was sponsored by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, the Republican Liberty Caucus, The Atlas Society and Granite Grok. The event featured Representatives who are pro-2nd Amendment (all Republicans): Former Speaker William O’Brien, Al Baldassaro, Laura Jones, Emily Sandblande, Jr Hoell and Dan Itse. Speakers featured activist Ian Underwood, Skip Murphy of Granite Grok and author of the new book ‘The Republican Party’s Civil War - Will Freedom Win’, Edward Hudgins. There were other current and former legislators and politicians on hand and Representative Jane Cormier's daughter belted out The National Anthem beautifully. Susan Olsen, New Hampshire's biggest gun rights advocate, emceed the event.

Woman Warrior Susan Olsen
Kimberly Morin
Day of Resistance
Kimberly Morin

The event was planned a while ago, even before HB 1589 (gun control bill based on false premises, lies, bogus studies and statistics that did not apply to the Granite State) was killed in the House. Before the ink was dry on the dead HB 1589, House Democrats decided to gut an Amendment brought forth by Jr Hoell to put into place more gun control. Hoell’s Amendment was regarding reciprocity for other states.

Certain states allow New Hampshire gun owners to freely carry there based on their laws, NH should do the same. The Amendment, HB 1264, was gutted to become a study commission based mostly of anti-2nd Amendment people. The ‘germaneness’ of the bill (whether it was appropriate or not to actually gut the bill to change it to something completely different) is in question; however it proves that Democrats will do everything possible to push the out-of-state agenda of gun control.

This leads to another important gun control bill currently in the Senate – SB 244 - "AN ACT requiring the names of certain persons to be reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Index." This bill is a direct attack on anyone who is deemed ‘mentally ill’. We are not talking about the crazy psychos who shoot up schools; those people have more rights than most thanks to the ACLU and the left. According to some opponents:

The Watters bill would require that the names of large numbers of Granite Staters be sent to the FBI gun-ban blacklist — the NICS instant check system.

Up until now, New Hampshire has been reluctant to send these names to NICS because of medical privacy concerns and potential violations of federal privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Mike Hammond a resident of Dunbarton, NH and General Counsel to Gun Owners of America wrote that if you see a shrink you will lose your Second Amendment rights.

NH Senate Bill 244 would set aside any personal privacy considerations.

Senate Bill 244 would strip law-abiding Granite Staters of their constitutional rights, without due process, for petty reasons, such as the appointment of a guardian under RSA 464-A.

Although RSA 464-A purports to give “victims” due process rights, it is, in fact, widely viewed in legal circles as a joke.

An individual who has his or her rights taken away pursuant to RSA 464-A supposedly has the right to an attorney, but, in fact, that right is regularly waived, even for people deemed incompetent (who wouldn’t seem to be capable of waiving their rights).

The proceeding is an ex parte proceeding in which neither the victim or his or her family has any representation or right to attend. It is conducted in places like the basement of Concord Hospital, and is widely viewed in legal circles as a “star chamber” or a “joke.”

Now, on the basis of this “kangaroo court,” you or your relatives could lose all of your gun rights. And guess what? If you want to get them back, you will have to plunk down thousands of dollars and bring an action in court.

We know one person who spent over five thousand dollars just to terminate his mother’s involuntary guardianship.

It’s bad enough that anti-family bureaucrats are stripping Granite Staters of their rights without due process. We don’t need to extend this constitutional abomination to abolishing gun rights protected by the Second Amendment.

The ‘Day of Resistance’ rally was important because it shows that many Granite Staters are fighting to keep their 2nd Amendment rights in place despite Democrats attempts to erode them. It seems the biggest issue in New Hampshire isn’t gun crime but anti-2nd Amendment elected officials. Democrats seem more keen on pushing gun control from out-of-state advocates than what the majority of their constituents actually want in place.

Democrats pushed HB 1589 based on lies. Last year they tried to repeal part of the 'Stand Your Ground' law. How much more gun control will they push? How many more millions of dollars will they allow to be infused into New Hampshire from out-of-state gun control advocates before they remember who they actually represent? Wouldn't New Hampshire be better off if legislators actually focused on bringing more business into the state rather than eroding rights of the people currently living in it? No matter what anti-2nd Amendment legislators push (be they Democrats or Republicans in the Senate), gun rights advocates, gun rights organizations and the people of New Hampshire will continue to their fight. Every day is a ‘Day of Resistance’ in the fight for liberty.

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