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‘Day by Day’ begins annual fundraising drive

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Chris Muir, the artist and writer who produces the freedom-oriented “Day by Day” cartoon strip, is conducting his annual “DBD Support Drive,” an appeal on his website announces. Supporters are being asked to make donations from any amount, dubbed “Pennies from Heaven” by Muir, through various threshold levels that include commensurate DBD-themed merchandise (or the option to allow the entire amount to go to the fund).

Muir is a familiar figure to longtime Gun Rights Examiner readers. His “Good, Bad and Ugly” strip brilliantly captured the lawlessness behind Operation Fast and Furious, and his “Getting the Message” strip prompted this columnist to deem it the “best Gunwalker cartoon yet!”

His brilliant skewering of the administration, his artistic talent, and his engaging characters (not to overlook his “smokin’ hot” women) make his work worthy of the best out there, so naturally, the establishment prefers to promote and reward cartoonists who sign on to citizen disarmament scams. That’s why newspapers prefer cartoonists like Ted Rall, who want to have open carriers “declared enemy combatants and bundled off to Bagram,” and Bob Englehart, who wants to “repeal the Second Amendment.” That’s why so many nationally-syndicated cartoonists lent their names and artwork to the Bloomberg coalition’s “Cartoonists Demand Action” video, co-narrated by self-terminated heroin addict Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Cartoonists with non-“progressive” loyalties need not apply. Which means if Muir is to be able to continue the work, to sustain himself, and to maybe even prosper and enjoy well-deserved recognition, it’s up to those who receive value from it to give some back in return -- not as a donation, but as appreciative compensation for enjoyment provided, wisdom imparted, and services rendered.

Readers can subscribe to “Day by Day,” follow Muir on Twitter and Facebook, and share links to his work via social media and email to help increase his following. Bloggers and website administrators can display DBD on their sites with a selection of embed codes (scroll past cartoon) But most of all, during this time of his annual fundraising drive, beneficiaries of Muir’s work can show appreciation by sending what they can his way, sharing his donation page link far and wide, and urging those within their spheres of influence to do the same. His efforts are “100% reader supported,” meaning it’s up to the grassroots to do the right thing.

Information about how to participate, forms of payment, thresholds and swag follows the cartoon on the DBD main page.


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