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Davis: 'the counter-revolution is nigh' in America

Militarized police arrest a citizen protester.
Militarized police arrest a citizen protester.
Photo by Pierre Roussel/Getty Images

A published author, novelist, and playwright declared Thursday that the American counter-revolution -- that which is initiated by ordinary citizens in self-defense against government tyranny -- is nigh.

T.L. Davis has been on the front lines keeping his finger on the pulse of America for several years in an attempt to ascertain prevailing political winds. His contacts are extensive and his insight has been striking in its accuracy.

Davis stated Thursday that those Americans who have been disheartened by the lack of effective response in the citizen resistance movement to the tyranny and oppression that now besets us should take heart. Something is afoot and it is right on the brink of being set into motion.

The reasons for Davis' confidence in the fact that major resistance to the government machine is just around the corner are many. But the overriding impetus for his prediction is key:

From an historical point of view no system of government has survived the changes taking place in America right now. That is not to say that it will not get uglier before it gets worse, but no government has withstood the radical political, economic and religious attacks Americans currently suffer without revolt.

Davis appeals to history itself as the proof of his prediction. Human history is vast, reaching back thousands of years. Yet no society has ever survived when it has been subjected to the massive upheaval the United States now faces -- unless there is a major citizen-led revolt to either restore that which was stolen by tyrants or to forge a new type of government.

Thus, such a revolt is certain. And all of signs point to an imminent tipping point.

Davis identifies the source or cause of the tumultuous upheavals that beset America and traces it all the way back to the Progressive Movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s. It has taken progressive neo-Marxists over 100 years to get us to this point, but now that they have they are kicking their oppressive agenda into high gear. Davis continues:

It is difficult to imagine what event will finally trigger the revolt against the revolution that has taken place over the past hundred years or so, but it is coming. Just as Communism lasted for roughly seventy-five years, the progressive revolution, albeit a creeping revolution, has been taking place for the past hundred years in America. Now it comes to a head, with all of the varying forces of oppression openly avowed against liberty, against capitalism and against societal norms, the face of the revolutionists have been revealed.

While the revolutionists have quietly changed every aspect of American society by molding them into statues of patriotism; hiding them behind principles of Christianity and waging war against "inequality" (which is revolutionist code for their war against private property) they were able to distract the masses. They think they have changed America, but they have only fooled Americans.

Insofar as they have been able to alter, pollute and re-define American institutions they have only caused the American people to distrust these institutions.

Davis names the names. The IRS and its current shocking scandal. The NSA. DHS. Local police departments that have been militarized and now operate as foot-soldiers of the federal government. The U.S. military, which is being "fundamentally changed" and remade in the image of a president who obviously believes that the power of government must be used to browbeat citizens into compliance. The Supreme Court, which has now become a complete joke of kangaroo court jurisprudence, issuing "rulings" that directly fly in the face of the Constitution.

To counter such tyranny, citizens have no choice but to resist. If we do not, then the only other alternative is compliance. But compliance will not get the leviathan monkey off of your back. Once they see you comply you are nothing more than putty in their hands. They will do anything to advance their agenda. Without threat of resistance they will become exactly like every other totalitarian regime that has gone before them.

A source warned recently that it is a major mistake to think that your fellow Americans who serve at the government's bidding will take pity on you in such a scenario. They will murder in cold blood multimillions of Americans, and the United Nations and collectivist societies will help them do it.

But even more chilling is a statement by the source to the effect that such individuals have now infiltrated every single agency of government, including the military.

(Hat tip to WRSA).


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