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David Miscavige Scientology leader facing numerous legal troubles

Justice for All
Justice for All
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Many ex-Scientologists now have visions of the END for ‘America’s new Pope’, David Miscavige – the term ‘Pope’ used recently in court by Miscavige’s own lawyers.

Even though David Miscavige’s legal team argued that Miscavige sits on a throne "equivalent of the ‘Pope’, Texas Judge Dib Waldrip ordered that Miscavige be deposed with no restrictions. It will be a regular deposition like any other.

For a ‘narcissist’ who expects privileges and indulgences from a self-invented fantasy of absolute or perfect power, the ‘Pope’ of ‘grandiose’ may be feeling a wee bit smaller these past few months? Narcissists are naive and vulnerable, pathetic really, no matter how arrogant and forceful their words or demeanor.

Their moral intelligence is about at the level of a bright five- or six-year-old; the only rules they recognize are things that have been specifically required, permitted, prohibited, or disapproved of by authority figures they know personally. Anyhow, narcissists can't be counted on not to do something just because it's wrong, illegal, or will hurt someone, as long as they think that they can get away with it or that you can't stop them or punish them (i.e., they don't care what you think unless they're afraid of you).

The legal troubles now facing the cult of Scientology are indeed grave – mounting each week it appears with losses that would cripple the sanity of many organization leaders.

The following is a brief summary of legal troubles:

1) From Tony Ortega’s ‘Underground Bunker’ – “The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the Church of Scientology’s final appeal that would have kept Laura DeCrescenzo (pictured at right) from using evidence from her employment files in her lawsuit against the church that alleges disturbing abuse, including forcing her to have an abortion at 17.”

2) From Tony Ortega’s ‘Underground Bunker’ – “Judge Dib Waldrip has decided that Scientology leader David Miscavige will be deposed in Monique’s lawsuit.”

3) From WSB TV News – “State shuts down Narconon drug rehab after Ch. 2 investigation exposed alleged fraud.”

4) March 22, 2013, Jeanne LeFlore reports – “Lawsuits allege Narconon Arrowhead counselors traded sex for drugs.”

5) January 11, 2014, Jeanne LeFlore reports – “Files to be handed over in Narconon civil lawsuit.”

6) October 17, 2013, AFP reports – “France's top appeals court has upheld a fraud conviction and fines totalling hundreds of thousands of euros against the Church of Scientology, for taking advantage of vulnerable followers.”

7) March 2012 , Russia - “Russian Court Upholds Ruling To Ban Scientology.”

8) January 17, 2014, Quebec Canada RE: (EXPLOITATION of a HANDICAP, Slave Labour & Discriminations) – Five (5) Human Rights Commission cases have been decided by the Commission following a formal complaint filed on February 9, 2011 against Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Church of Scientology, Montreal, Narconon Canada, Narconon International, Church of Scientology International, and David Miscavige et al. Decision is being translated to English and will be published in due course. Three years of investigations involved the review of thousands of documents.

Some say Scientology resources are being stretched to the limit with a battery of legal assaults against Scientology and its’ drug rehabs, Narconon. Just the one case alone of “Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige, et al., twenty-two lawyers have made official appearances and/or physical appearances in the case for Scientology Inc.

Many of those lawyers have made multiple flights to Comal County from New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or driven from Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to attend hearings on behalf of Miscavige and his co-defendants,” according to Marty Rathbun on his blog, ‘Moving On Up a Little Higher’.

Legal and professional fees are costly as seen here in Narconon Trois-Rivieres Revenue Canada expenditures fighting to stay open, facing numerous complaints:

Revenue Canada website Link:

2009 - Professional and consulting fees: $129,999

2010 - Professional and consulting fees: $48,448

2011 - Professional and consulting fees: $1,750,724

Narconon Trois-Rivieres, a 100 bed -- multi-million dollar revenue generator for the cult was forced by the government to close, and their Charity Status was Voluntary Revoked – Effective Date: 2013-02-02.

What most of the public misses in all these legal matters against Scientology-Narconon, is the horrific distress, trauma, harassment, forced abortions, and numerous DEATHS at the hands of incompetent and abusive cult members and leaders.

On March 22, 2013, reporter, Jeanne LeFlore, published, “Narconon Arrowhead counselors allegedly traded drugs for sex and fraudulently charged a patient’s credit card some $14,500, according to allegations in five lawsuits.”

“The documents are relating to a civil lawsuit filed by Matthew and Suzan Holten, the parents of Hillary Holten, a 21-year-old Narconon client found dead in her bed at Narconon on April 11, 2012, two days after she was admitted.”

“Narconon Arrowhead is also where two other clients, Gabriel Graves, 33, and Stacy Murphy, 20, were found dead within a nine-month span. A fourth, Kaycie Werninck, 28, died in 2009 at a local hospital.”

Could the bad PR for David Miscavige and his dwindling cult get any worse or horrific? Many ex-Scientologists and observers say: “Yes, it’s much worse than you think, and more will die if this Cult of Scientology is not stopped.”

David Love

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