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David Miscavige Narconon ships are sinking into apathy

On Scientology’s ‘Tone Scale’, apathy falls between hopeless and useless, that describes well, Narconon’s drug rehab failures.

April 27, 2014, Karen De La Carriere, ‘Surviving Scientology’ posted another revealing YouTube video of how “David Miscavige routinely uses the Narconons as places of humanitarian goodness, a refuge and therapy for drug addicts. There is no mention of the $40,000 fee extorted for the dry out and the flock are strictly forbidden to visit the Internet to get the facts. So let’s lift up the curtains and see what lies beneath.”

“David Miscavige, the Pope addresses his audience 4 times a year – attendance is mandatory and non-compliance is reported as insubordination. The audience get as many as 26 phone calls a day demanding they attend the event.”

Tony Ortega’s ‘The Underground Bunker’ recently reported how “Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility is struggling, records show” -- Narconon Arrowhead is behind on their bills, and one bill had reached an age of 425 days.

With a capacity of 230 patients, Arrowhead is drastically low on new intakes with about 39-45 – struggling to fill beds, and is operating at a severe loss.

And in Nevada, Narconon Fresh Start/Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Caliente, hit with another lawsuit recently by Ryan Hamilton, the Las Vegas attorney who filed his fifth federal fraud lawsuit against Scientology’s drug rehab network.

The new complaint filed in court can be seen here on ‘The Underground Bunker’, where the Geanacopulos family is suing for breach of contract, fraud, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

And in Canada, the Quebec Human Rights Commission resolution decision was reported by Ortega that the Narconon rehab facility’s operations were based in deceptive business practices which put its patients in danger. The commission’s report lays out a damning litany of conditions that were imposed on patients.

Tony Ortega reports:

“It’s a powerful indictment of a Scientology front group that is also under investigation or facing lawsuits in Georgia, Oklahoma, Nevada, and California. (Narconon insists that it is independent of Scientology whenever it finds itself in trouble or has to respond to media inquiries. But there’s simply no question that Narconon was developed by Scientology to burnish its image and operates under umbrella groups staffed only with Scientology “Sea Org” workers. Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige, always touts Narconon as a Scientology project when he’s speaking at private church events.)”

“Here Scientology has a ‘Citizens Commission on Human Rights,’ and what happened? They were found to be violating human rights. After a three and a half year investigation, it was found that Narconon violated the human rights of three people.”

Scientology’s Way to Happiness Book - Flourish and Prosper, Precept 21, appears to be floundering with the Narconon fleet.

Contrary to Flourish and Prosper: “to be in a state of activity and production; expanding in influence; thriving; visibly doing well.” AND Prosper: “to achieve economic success; succeeding at what one does."

So, as David Miscavige continues to dupe the flock for untold sums, his Narconon cash-cow appears close to the bottom -- in despair and bankruptcy near?

David Love

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