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David Icke’s argument of alien-controlled 1% Illuminati bloodlines

As a history teacher, I’m well aware of government-religion control of societies throughout recorded history by “elite” bloodlines claiming “divine right” of dictatorial control from direct connection to god(s). You know this, also.

You also know this history extends to the foundation of America as an expression of Enlightenment ideals of unalienable rights for all people, rather than rights allowed to bloodline royalty and those they dictate may possess limited rights. This ideal is a large part of what people celebrate about America.

You may also know that corporate media textbooks lie about both current history (especially in war and money, but in ~ 100 areas of crucial importance), consideration of megalithic architecture in ancient history, and multiple areas of compelling evidence of extraterrestrial presence throughout human history.

This 2-hour video is David Icke’s argument that the history we’re all familiar with, which includes extensive religious and mythological reference to reptiles, serpents, and dragons, connects to what appears to be a real event: an alien race hijacked humanity in pre-history to make human beings into a type of domesticated work and food animal for them.

Importantly, professional academics (and anyone committed to factual accuracy) can never reject an argument with its body of evidence as “crazy,” etc., because it somehow offends our belief system. Academic leaders understand that rejecting an argument demands refutation: a process to:

  • Understand and accurately communicate an argument.
  • Demonstrate its factual claims as at least partially false, and/or incomplete in its factual consideration.

As a practicing academic professional in history, I am both unable to refute David’s argument AND find it a compelling explanation of the comprehensive facts. Indeed, I hold David’s argument as the best I’ve found to make sense of human history and our current condition.

David Icke’s all-day presentation in 2010 that I attended, and his current work, begin with explanation and documentation of some of the easiest to perceive “Big Lie” crimes of current government “leaders” centering war, money, and media (also in ~100 other crucial areas).

His easily-verifiable credibility in this area allows those of us with open minds to consider the next part of his argument: history of operations behind the families that control government, banking, media, and other key corporations.

A few others who research historical origins of our current human condition (although may not agree on all details, of course):

Graham Hancock (bestselling author)

David Wilcock (bestselling author)

Jim Marrs (bestselling author)

Project Camelot

Jordan Maxwell

Nassim Haramein

Thrive Movement (22+ million views of their documentary)

Dr. Steven Greer (and here)