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David Fincher to direct Steve Jobs biopic

Steve Jobs autographed iPad framed
Autographed "Steve Jobs" iPad Courtesy of Bryan Au

David Fincher's biopic based on Steve Jobs' autobiography is still in the works.

The iconic Jobs, who is best remembered as the innovative co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc., was most recently depicted in an Ashton Kutcher movie "Jobs" which revealed a more complex side of Jobs that most people did not know about.

Fincher made headlines last week, demanding that actor Christian Bale be secured to play the role of Steve Jobs in order for the movie to be made. Amy Pascal, studio co-chair of Sony, reportedly met with Fincher to discuss his demand, allowing the movie production to move forward. An official release date has not been announced.

Recently, the private owner of a first generation iPad with Steve Jobs' authentic signature on the back, announced their intention to sell the autographed iPad asking price of $100,000.

The autographed iPad is described as the only item of its kind available in the world and it comes with a third-party certificate of authenticity from Grand Stand Sports Memorabilia. The iPad is framed and never used.

For those interested in purchasing the Steve Jobs autographed first-generation iPad, please send email inquires to:

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