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David Cassidy ordered back to rehab for last DUI arrest

David Cassidy
David Cassidy
US Magazine

David Cassidy, the 63-year-old former teen star of television and music, has been ordered to go to an alcohol rehabilitation center for three months. The order for David Cassidy came after he pleaded no contest in Los Angeles to a drunken driving charge on Monday, according to a CNN report on Monday night.

The DUI case also got Cassidy a five-year probation sentence, as well as required participation in a nine-month alcohol education program and fines to be paid.

Cassidy was stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer for making an illegal turn at a red light in January when he was driving near Los Angeles Airport. He received an alcohol test which resulted in a reading of .19 – or twice the legal level referred to as intoxication for driving a vehicle.

All total, this has been Cassidy’s third DUI arrest in the past 3 years – and his second arrest for drunken driving in the past 6 months. Cassidy’s manager Jo-Ann Geffen says the singer-actor was stressed from questioning he had encountered regarding his lawsuit against Sony Pictures Television regarding “Partridge Family” profits. As the eldest of five children on the “Partridge Family” television program, he believes he should get more money from profits the program and merchandising has made.