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Dating myths

On a recent Lifeclass, Oprah interviewed Greg and Amira Behrendt. This husband and wife team are authors of dating books, their newest, It’s Just an F***ing Date.

Are you looking for love?
Are you looking for love?
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I figure with love or a desire for love in the air, it is the perfect time to talk about dating.

Greg and Amira discussed 6 myths of the dating world:

“Myth 1, A man will make my life complete.” Amira’s words for you, “Alone you are enough!” You must own a positive self-value; this is not something a man can give you.

“Myth 2, I just can’t hold back.” Greg explained that you must parcel your information out in little pieces. Do not dump everything onto your partner during the first date. Instead, if there is something that is a game changer, like for example you are a single mother then, by all means, share this information. But your job for the first date is to have fun. Keep your conversation light.

“Myth 3, He shouldn’t care how I look.” This should go without saying but, of course, you want to bring your best self to the table. First impressions count, make the most of it.

“Myth 4, Sex will seal the deal.” If you are looking for love, your best chance for this is to make your date wait. Greg mentioned that an easy date is most likely not someone the guy will bring home to meet his mother.

“Myth 5, I only attract losers.” The couple communicated that to attract winners, you must be a winner; this means participating fully in life. Show up and be a doer not someone who watches life go by!

“Myth 6, Men can’t handle my success.” If you are with a good guy, you or your success will not intimidate him. Be yourself; do not dumb down you in order to date.

Their message is to stop wasting time and to start dating smarter. Some other words of advice they offered were to be open to a second date unless your initial response is, “Yuk!” If you’re unsure, ask yourself why and try again.

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