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Darla: Rescued from the streets this pregnant puppy needs immediate home

Weighing only six pounds, this puppy was rescued wandering the streets.
Danhy Drago

In the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Darla roamed the streets of Pacoima for months. How does something so tiny and so adorable be left to fend for herself?

As the rescuer was catching Darla, a neighbor came out and told her that the stray was most likely pregnant after she caught her two male poodles "stuck together." That was two weeks ago.

And this is Darla's current situation: her rescuer needs someone to help:

"Darla (as I have named her) still has baby teeth; she weighs about 6 pounds and even though at first she's shy, once she opens up, she's very loving. She has "cherry eye" which can easily be corrected with a small surgery, but that will have to wait until she delivers her babies if she is pregnant, which I will find out when I take her to the vet in the next few days.

Darla needs to be in a foster home where she will be cared for, or to be taken by a rescue organization.

"Please share for help. I can't keep Darla at my house due to lack of space. If anyone is able to foster her or rescue her please call (818) 577-9594 or (323) 810-5567."

A Facebook thread for Darla can be found by clicking here.

Sharing stories of pets in need continues to be a successful resource for saving the abused, forgotten, and neglected. Everyday thousands of shelter pets find their new homes as the result of sharing. Please help Darla find a new home by sending her story to your friends, family, and coworkers.

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