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Danish man smashes longstanding 'Gyruss' arcade world record

The new world record of 62,200,250 shatters the previous record set in 1987.
Chassis Arcade

The longstanding Gyruss world record has been beaten, as a Danish arcade champ warped past Neptune and Saturn for over 49 hours.

Kim "Kanonarm" Köbke is the name of the new champion, who blasted to 62,200,250 points after 49 hours, 16 minutes of continuous gameplay. His game came to a close just after 8 a.m. Eastern time on Monday, March 24.

Köbke, who had originally wanted to aim for 100 hours on a single coin, was starting to see things, according to witnesses in the arcade. They had considered stopping the new champ at the 50 hour mark when he lost his final ship.

Gyruss, which was released by Konami in 1983, has often been described as a combination of Namco classic Galaga and Atari's Tempest. The previous world record of 47,024,400 points had stood since 1987.

Köbke's attempt was streamed live on Twitch from Denmark's Chassis Arcade and was played on an original Gyruss arcade machine.

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