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Daniel Bryan injury angle from 'WWE Monday Night Raw' is legitimate

Daniel Bryan injury angle from 'WWE Monday Night Raw'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Daniel Bryan cut a promo on “WWE Monday Night Raw” on Monday night and said that he was undergoing neck surgery on Thursday night and it might end his career. While it appeared the Daniel Bryan injury could have been an angle and not real, Wrestle View reported before “Raw” even started that their sources told them the neck injury was real. Apparently, the promo was the WWE’s way of writing out Bryan while he undergoes the surgery.

Bryan looked to be pretty emotional, talking about how he reached his dreams thanks to the fans. There was a small number of vocal people in the audience trying to go against Bryan with “No” chants, and Bryan used that to try to lighten the mood by joking he now knows how John Cena feels. But then he turned serious and said he was undergoing neck surgery that could end his career.

He ended the promo by saying that he would be back. He asked the fans if they believed he could come back from this and they all chanted “Yes.” Later in the show, Stephanie McMahon came out and said that Bryan had a big heart but his body will never let him be an A+ player. She then called him out, and it looked like she was stripping him of the titles. However, Kane’s music exploded and he dragged an unconscious Bryan out. That made the Daniel Bryan injury look even more like an angle.

However, it is all real. PWS reported after the promo that the entire dialogue from Bryan was a shoot interview. He got the chance to speak his heart just in case things go bad on Thursday during his surgery. PWS also reports that it is unclear when the injury happened. He was at the TV tapings last week and there were no live events over the weekend. The WWE is said to be taking a wait and see attitude about the Daniel Bryan injury until after the surgery is completed.

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