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Da Mao playing in snow: Panda video goes viral from Toronto Zoo

Giant Pandas are adorable and a video of Da Mao playing in snow provided proof. Wednesday, a video of the giant panda at the Toronto Zoo captured the endangered bear species tumbling in the snow. According to a Feb. 7 Today report, the panda video has gone viral -- and for good reason.

Giant panda bear cub Bao Bao moves around inside the David M. Rubenstein Family Giant Panda Habitat at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Zoo officials closed the facility due to a heavy snowstorm that blanketed the area. Although patrons couldn't visit the popular tourist attraction in person, arguably, they got a priceless piece of entertainment, and no admission was required.

Da Mao, a five-year-old giant panda was captured on video frolicking about like a kid in the snow. The typically docile and slow-moving panda bear looked like an Olympic athlete in Sochi taking to the alpine slopes.

The video shows the playful bear ascending the slopes in preparation for an aerial halfpipe -- panda-style. He hurls himself over the snowy peak and tumbles down like a rolling snowball. And perhaps, the best part was when the popular zoo resident sat there for a moment as if reflecting on his faux-pas and then tumbles down the remainder of the way as if in laughter.

A statement of Da Mao playing in the snow was posted on the zoo's website. It read:

While the Toronto Zoo closed early on February 5th, 2014, due to the record-breaking snow fall, our giant panda Da Mao sure seemed to enjoy himself. Watch what security cameras caught him doing within his outdoor habitat. Come visit the Giant Panda Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo"

Toronto Zoo's curator of mammals Maria Franke said this about its famous and bubbly resident:

He's a ham. He should be a luge runner in the Olympics," she said, adding that Da Mao has a penchant for tumbling in blizzards and rolling down snowbanks.

Polar bears are cute, but a video of Da Mao playing in snow is priceless.


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