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'D&D: A Documentary' wins injunction against 'The Great Kingdom'

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Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

The producers of "Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary" announced yesterday that the Supreme Court of New York ruled in their favor, ordering an injunction against the producers of "The Great Kingdom." All traces of "The Great Kingdom" have been wiped off the Internet as a result. The Kickstarter updates section explains:

Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary
Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

In brief, the Court reasoned that because Pascal and Sprattley are executive producers of this film, they therefore have a fiduciary obligation to the assets of the partnership. That fiduciary obligation prohibited them from taking actions which would undermine this film by wrongly using its assets for a competing project.

"The Great Kingdom" producers were planning to attend Gen Con, but it seems highly unlikely anyone will see any previews of film due to the injunction:

Last week, the Court ordered that "The Defendants [Fantasy Films, Pascal and Sprattley] are hereby enjoined from having contact, for any purpose, with any of the parties or persons who were previously involved in the D&D production film and from in any manner advertising the film The Great Kingdom or making efforts to solicit funding for such film or any other film on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons." In order to comply with the Court's ruling, Pascal and Sprattley have taken down the Facebook, Vimeo, Kickstarter, Twitter, and Youtube pages associated with The Great Kingdom. If you'd like to read the Court's ruling, you can find a copy here:

It remains to be seen if "The Great Kingdom" will ever see the light of day -- the fate of the film will be determined on October 1, 2014.

"Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary" will be screening 12 minutes of the film at Gen Con on Saturday, August 16th, at 2pm, at the Westin: Capitol. You can register for the event here.