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D.A. decides against pursuing felony robbery charge against Justin Bieber

Although he’s still not out of the legal woods altogether, CNN reported on June 12 that the district attorney for the Los Angeles County courts announced that pop star turned tabloid bad boy, Justin Bieber, won’t be facing a felony robbery charge stemming from a woman’s allegation that the Biebs tried stealing her cell phone at a miniature golf course last month. According to court papers, the D.A. stated that the case did “not warrant felony prosecution."

The pop star could still be looking at a misdemeanor robbery charge in the same case.  A felony vandalism charge in a separate case is still pending.
Miami Dade County Corrections Department

Bieber could still face a misdemeanor robbery charge in that same incident if the Los Angeles city attorney decides to file charges against him. The cell phone robbery case took root at a Los Angeles miniature golf course on May 12, when a woman accused Bieber of reaching into her purse and trying to snag her iPhone, according to a separate report from CNN dated May 14.

The alleged robbery victim shared with TMZ that she was at Sherman Oaks Castle Park while Bieber was also there with his entourage. Bieber noticed that the woman was taking out her phone to take some pictures. She said that Bieber “demanded to see her phone so he could erase any photos.” The woman refused his demand; and then he accused her of videotaping him. According to court papers:

"He demanded to see her phone, then reached into her purse and pulled the phone out," the document said. Bieber and the woman "tussled over it for a moment," she said.

After a little tug of war over the phone, the woman finally relented and offered to show Bieber the phone’s contents proving that she hadn’t taken any pictures or recorded any video. After Bieber was satisfied, he said to the woman “Why don't you leave, you're embarrassing your daughter."

Her 13-year-old daughter began to cry, the woman said. The daughter later told investigators she was already crying from the excitement of being near Justin Bieber.

In addition to perhaps facing a potential misdemeanor robbery charge in the alleged cell phone robbery attempt, Bieber is still also looking at perhaps still being prosecuted for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house last January. Bieber could be facing a felony vandalism charge if that case comes to court.

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